Academic Essay On Movies

Essay On MoviesWriting an academic essay on movies is quite a common assignment in modern colleges or universities. Cinema art plays a very important role in modern social life, it has plenty of influence, and it is considered one of the greatest subjects for helping students develop their academic writing skills. Sometimes academic essay on movies is used to develop compare and contrast essay writing skills (in such case students are offered to compare two movies of the same genre, or compare the movies with another form of art, mainly  books or plays), or play a role of a piece of movie critics and analyze one or another movie in detail. It is very interesting and challenging to work on this kind of assignment, and there are a few major tips and recommendations that all movie essay writers should keep in mind while working on their academic papers. Go on reading to learn more about the issue.

First of all, if you’ve got an assignment to produce an essay on movies and your main goal is to write a great essay to be graded highly, you should choose a proper topic for your work. The key point in here to keep in mind is: whatever it takes, avoid writing your academic paper on a movie that you actually did not watch. Some students may believe that there is a great deal of information about every each movie, plenty of movie critics and reviews can be found online, and that can be totally enough for writing a great essay even if they actually did not watch the movie. This is a very wrong idea, the idea which will not lead you to great results and success with your academic paper, because it is very easy to get confused and lose the thread of arguments or ideas you are going to present in your essay. In case if you’ve got assigned to a topic, but did not watch the movie, do not waste your time for looking up some info, but rather spend that time for watching the movie and trying to understand what it is actually about.

If you are not assigned to any topic and free to chose the movie yourself, give it a good thought what movie to select and what aspect of the movie to analyze in your academic essay. For example, you can choose one of your favorite movie based on a classic novel and analyze the differences between the two. Or, you can analyze the acting of one or another famous actor (like Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, etc.)  in a movie you like. An interesting idea can be analyzing the approaches and the techniques used by a movie director like Michael Scorsese, Andrei Tarkovsky, etc. in a few of his movies. When choosing your topic for an academic essay on movies, you should first of all rely on your own taste and choose to write only about the movie your truly like or get excited about. This is the only way to produce a striking and passionate academic essay which would be very interesting for the readers and deserve the highest grade.

Choosing a proper writing style is another key issue to get focused on when working on the academic essay on movies. You should stick to the style that suits the best the purpose and the main idea of your academic essay. If you want to point to some weak aspects of the movie and make your essay a piece of movie critics, you can choose a narrative and a little dry writing style. If you want your essay sound persuasive and make your reader accept your point of view, you should be as much persuasive as possible and express your ideas and thoughts with maximum clarity. Work properly on the introduction and the conclusion of your academic essay which would state the main objective or thesis statement of your essay. Finally, do not forget the issues of plagiarism and cite every single idea or thought of other people that you use for your academic essay. Be confident in yourself, get focused properly on the work you’re going to do, and give it maximum efforts! Good luck in you work!

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