Analytical Essay Writing Tips

Analytical EssayAnalytical essay is definitely not one of the common types of academic essays which students are assigned to. In contrast to pros and cons essays, compare and contrast essays, descriptive essays, or narrative essays, this type of essays is not the one which students have to encounter with often. That is why many of those who’ve got an assignment to write an analytical essay are looking for answer to the question, what is an analytical essay and how to write a good one. As a rule, this kind of essay is asked from college students, but sometimes high school students can also be assigned to this kind of essay. This small writing is aimed to help with analytical essay writing, and those who need more information about this type of academic papers should read on to learn some interesting tips and suggestions for producing a great analytical essay.

The main specific of an analytical essay is not comparing, talking about benefits or presenting the author’s viewpoint on the topic, but rather analyzing the topic, breaking it down to small parts, analyzing it and helping the readers come to certain conclusions. As a rule, analytical essays are written on a certain character in a play or novel, on a theory or a concept, on a certain issue. It must be analyzed by the essay author and presented to the reader as something very easy and clear to understand. It is possible to say that analytical essay is the type of academic paper closest to the research paper since in contrast to many other types of essays, which require minimal amounts of research and include mainly expressing the personal viewpoint of the author on the topic. However, in contrast to common research paper, analytical essay requires more persuasive and focused writing style. It must not be written with too dry and too scientific language, like a research paper or a term paper.

While doing your research for the analytical essay, you should focus properly on developing your argument and thesis statement, since your essay should not just do analysis and presentation but have a certain point. For example, if you are writing about an historical even, you should focus on explaining its contribution and importance for the development of further history. Or, if you are writing about a character or personality, you can also focus on the importance of this character. Take good time for researching, collecting plenty of materials, and analyzing those. Try to break out the collected data or information and look at the points one by one. Make notes, write down all your thoughts and ideas that came to your mind when looking at the selected materials. Also, plan to use some direct quotations from the academic sources you used, just make notes as to where the quotations are taken from.

Start your writing part with writing one-two paragraphs of introduction which would have your thesis statement and give some brief preliminary information about the topic for your readers. Keep your introduction brief and concise. Then, come to working on the body paragraphs of your essay. Follow the chosen persuasive writing style, add the quotations but keep in mind that just one two of quotations can be enough for your analytical essay. Complete your work with writing a small conclusion with your thesis statement repeated and summary of the research work you’ve done for your essay. When the writing part of your work is done, focus on the issues of referencing and citing the academic works you used in your work, according to the requirements of the selected formatting style. Proofread you essay and make sure that it is free from all possible mistakes and errors. Hopefully, this article helped you understand what is an analytical essay, but if you need more help, please, check out this article.

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