Research Paper Introduction Writing Tips

Introduction to a research paperIntroduction to a research paper or any other academic paper is the first section or the first few paragraphs that the academic work should start with. In other words, introduction is what your reader starts reading your academic paper from, learns the objective and the purpose of your academic paper, get familiar with the writing style and tone you’re going to use, as well as estimates how interesting the paper is going to be. Introduction has plenty of important functions, and writing a proper term or research paper introduction is one of the key steps on the way to producing a successful academic paper. This article can offer you a few interesting and valuable tips on writing and effective introduction to a research paper or other academic paper.

When working on your introduction, keep in mind two important functions of this part of your academic paper. First of all, it should play a role of an effective attention grabber. A good introduction to a research paper or any other academic paper should persuade the reader to continue reading the paper. The best way to achieve this goal is using special creative style of writing a research paper introduction. Or, you can use borrowed ideas like an interesting anecdote, a striking quote, a related proverb, or another interesting idea. It can be a smart thought to start your research paper with a question, or even a rhetoric question. Despite the fact that a research paper requires more formal approach and should be written with more formal and dry language, using an interesting and creative research paper introduction will help attract attention and make your readers more interested.

Introducing the topic to your readers is another very important function of an introduction to a research paper. You should make your reader know what kind of research you’re going to offer him, what kind of problem you’re going to study, and what methods or techniques you’re going to use. Your research paper introduction should primarily include thesis statement and all the info necessary to help the reader understand your argument. In order to inspire your mind for creating an effective introduction for your research paper, you should start your work with asking yourself a series of questions: what is the use, the importance and significance of your topic? What can be the best way to assist your reader understand the topic you’re going to study and the methods you’re going to use? How can you prove your topic to be more interesting than other common ones? Answering these questions will help you generate great ideas for writing a great introduction for your research paper.

Here are some more things to keep in mind when working on the introductory paragraphs of your research paper. When writing an introduction, avoid using generalizations, as well as do not overload your introduction with too much of factual data or information. Remember that this part of the academic paper should be brief and to the point. Avoid writing an introduction to a research paper which is more than a half of the page. Remember that it is the function of the second paragraph or the first paragraph of the body of the paper to unite the introduction with the whole work. Avoid using too formal language, or the things like dictionary definition for your introduction. Try to follow these recommendations, but also remember that there is no strict formula or guidelines for writing a successful research paper introduction. Look up for proper examples of introduction for academic papers online, and rely on your intuition. Good luck with your research paper!

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