Tips For Writing A 5 Paragraph Essay

5 paragraph essayEssay writing is a very interesting assignment and an important academic skill to be mastered by all college and university students. It is an amazing way to express yourself, your own ideas and viewpoints on the topic. It is also a great chance to demonstrate own creativity and unique thinking. Finally, essay writing is a great chance to develop writing skills and learn more about academic writing requirements. Academic essays must usually be submitted along with other documents by those students who apply for entering an educational establishment or apply for receiving a scholarship or a grant.Very often, students of modern colleges or high schools are asked to write an argumentative essay, a compare and contrast essay, an expository essay, a pros and cons essay, etc. for a variety of lessons. And it is essential for every student to know the basics of academic essay writing and gain a proper experience in that.

An essay format known as “a 5-paragraph essay” has gained great popularity nowadays. Generally speaking, this is not about the subject or a topic of the essay you’re asked to write, it is rather about the structure and the brevity that you must keep in mind when working on your academic essay. As it becomes obvious from its name,  a 5 paragraph essay should have only 5 paragraphs, no more and no less. This is the main requirement and the main rule to observe. If you are well familiar with the basic structure of academic essays, you can take a guess that 5 paragraph essays usually include an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Therefore, if you’ve got an assignment to write a 5 paragraph essay, it should be organized as the following:

1. An introduction paragraph

2. Body paragraph 1

3. Body paragraph 2

4. Body paragraph 3

5. A conclusion paragraph

This is literally the main point and the main specifics of 5 paragraph essays writing. You should start your work with analyzing the topic and focusing on doing some research on it if required. Sometimes it can be good to look through some sources in order to form your own viewpoint on the given issue or idea, and possibly find some new interesting points or arguments to support your point of view. In case if your 5 paragraph essay is a narrative essay, focus on finding three most important issues to write about in your essay. For example, if you’re given the assignment of writing an essay on the most memorable day in your life, you can write a classic introduction paragraph, give some background information in the first body paragraph, describe the most memorable day in details in the second body paragraph, and focus on your personal feelings in the third body paragraph. And then, certainly, write an interesting and deep conclusion paragraph for your 5 paragraph essay.

When working on the introduction paragraph, do not forget to use what is known as “the hook”, or something that can boost interest of your reader and make him read your essay till the end. You can use an interesting fact, and exclamation, or a quote. Despite the fact that academic essays rarely require thesis statement, try to add a sentence or two which would clearly state the idea why you’re writing your 5 paragraph essay. The same can be said about body paragraphs: it would be good if each of them had a topic sentence. Keep in mind the issues of transition and use such expressions as “in summary”, “therefore”, “as you can see”, “it is clear that”, etc. Write a concise and persuasive conclusion paragraph to help your reader understand why he was reading your writing and what kind of conclusion he should come to. Summarize your ideas and arguments to make your position or viewpoint clear to the reader. Proofread your essay and examine it again for logic before submitting it.

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