What Is An Academic Essay?

what is academic essayThough the assignment of writing and academic essay may not be too common for secondary and high school students, those of them who are getting ready to enter a college or a university will most likely be asked to accompany their documents with an academic essay, also known as admission essay. This is the first kind of situation when a student can get very close to writing an academic essay, and it will be the time to learn everything about it and find an answer to the question what is an academic essay. In contrast to term papers or research papers, which high school students may be quite well familiar with, an academic essay is more a personal opinion paper rather than a scientific one. It is also a little smaller, but it requires more attention to the very writing style, because unlike scientific papers, an academic essay is usually written with an objective to persuade the readers of one or another idea or point of view.

Apart of an admission essay, which is usually written as a response to a certain question (like What am I going to be after graduation? Why did I choose to study in a certain university? etc.), there are a few other common types of academic essays. Those include, first of all, comparison and contrast essay, which can help their reader to see the difference between the two things mentioned in the title. There are also argumentative or persuasive academic essays, the objective of which is to make the readers to support the author’s viewpoint to one or another controversial issue (like gay marriage legalization, capital punishment support, gun control issue, abortion, euthanasia, and many others). Quite commonly students are asked to write a pros-and-cons essay, which help the readers get a clear and extensive perspective on what are the positive and negative sides of an issue or an idea stated in the essay title. There are other types of academic essays like a descriptive essay, an illustrative essay, and others which are less common as a student’s assignment in most of colleges.

After learning about the types, it is the time to come closer to the structure and easy tips for writing various essays. What is an academic essay from the point of a writer? It is a small opinion paper which also starts from introduction, proceeds with the paper body and ends up with a conclusion. It is very important to keep in mind this easy structure, because every each part of it is essential for producing a successful academic essay. Regardless of what  your topic is or what type of essay you are supposed to write, it is very important to focus on producing a great introduction which would clearly state the aim of you writing the essay, the point of view or idea you’re going to defend, or any other objective you’re going to achieve with the essay. The body part is the main  piece of work you’re going to do, and it will require plenty of skills from you to produce a good body part. Research the topic and write down all most important ideas you will include to your academic essay. Create an outline, and then come to actual writing your essay.

Keep in mind that choosing the most effective and persuasive writing style is a key to success with your essay writing, receiving a good grade or being considered a good candidate for something. You should think over the word choice, construct your sentences in a clear and understandable manner, and present the arguments or ideas in a clear logical approach. Presentation is of the major importance, but do not get stressed out or overwhelmed with the pressure. Remember that all you need is just have good amount of time for redrafting your essay, possibly changing the sequence or even rewriting some parts of your essay.  Do not forget about finishing your work with a conclusion which would summarize your essay, underline the importance of the chosen viewpoint, or even have a call for action for your readers. Not all academic essays require a reference page or bibliography, however, many of them do. Reference all the ideas or thoughts of other people you used for your academic essay. If you are looking for answer to the question, what is an academic essay and how to get an effective help with it, go to this page. Good luck with your work and academic studies!

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