What You Need To Know About Writing A Book Review

Book ReviewA book review is one of the most common type of academic papers, which college students have to deal with quite often. It is one of the most personal types of academic papers as book reviews require reflecting extensive evaluation of the book and giving personal opinion of the review author about the book. Also, it is possible to find plenty of book reports in official mass media: magazines, newspapers, official websites, blogs, and so on.

A book review should not be confused with a book summary or a book report. A book summary or report is focused exceptionally on describing the plot of the book, the main characters, the main idea, or possibly some information about the book author. Certainly, it is possible to start your book review with a very brief description of the most important key points of the book, with a short overview of the plot, stating what is an aim or a scope of the book, and so forth. However, a good book review provides a solid and strong analysis of the significance, meaning, purpose, idea, and content of the book, as well as your personal understanding and perception of the

Thus, a brilliant book review can be described as a successful combination of analytical and personal evaluation of the book. In other words, in your book report you should explain what the book and the author’s idea can mean to you, and to modern society. It is necessary to figure out what the book brings to an average reader, and what YOU feel about the book as a person and a unique reader. At that, it is not necessary to write about a great deal of ideas, it is possible to get concentrated on only a few of those and properly develop them in your academic paper.

In order to write a successful book review, you should not only read the book, but also make notes and start thinking of the main points of your book review while reading the book. Write about what you think of the writing style, the plot, the author’s ideas, etc. Sometimes, it is also possible to analyze the book using the approach of evaluating weaknesses and strengths of the book. It is a very good idea to illustrate and support your conclusions or evaluations with direct quotations taken from the book. It is actually fun writing book reviews and sharing your opinions!



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