Writing A Critical Essay

Writing A Critical EssayCritical essay is not a very common type of academic paper, and writing a critical essay is not as common assignment for modern students compared to argumentative essays, persuasive essays, pros and cons essays, compare contrast essays, or cause and effect essays. At the same time, knowing the tips and specifics of working on and writing a critical essay can be a useful and interesting for every each of today’s college or university students. This kind of assignment can actually be given to the students who study sociology, economy, arts, or related kind of disciplines. Writing a critical review of a book, movie, painting, or another piece of arts, as well as a scientific concept, theory, hypothesis, etc., should include the following steps.

It is advised to start your work with getting to know and analyzing the topic of your critical essay. Reading a book to be analyzed, studying a piece of art thoughtfully, analyzing a scientific concept is a good idea to begin your research. It can be good to do additional research and find as much materials and data as possible which would help to know the backgrounds and the environment of the topic. During this stage of your work on the critical essay, you should create the main ideas and the main points for your critics, as well as try to begin working on sketching the structure of your academic essay. Take notes, think critically, use your friends to do brainstorming and generate as many ideas as possible.

The next step is starting your work on creating an introduction for your essay. The introduction should include a very brief overview of the topic and the main thesis statement of your essay. What is the goal of your essay? What do you feel important to write about in regards to the topic? What are your impressions and feelings about it? Then, come to working on the body of your paper, presenting your critical points of view and ideas. Please, remember that writing a critical essay does not mean severely criticizing the topic and filling up your academic essay with negative emotions and expressions. You have to be restraint in your viewpoints and ideas, and be interesting to your readers with your points of view. Remember to be organized and present your viewpoints in a logical manner.

End up your essay with a brief summary of your critical viewpoints which should come as a conclusion. Do not forget to properly reference and cite all additional data, materials, or ideas of other people you used in your critical essay. Be sure that your writing style is clear and understandable, as well as keeps you reader interested. It is recommended to review and proofread your academic essay several timer before submitting it to your instructor, to be sure that your writing is free from errors, grammar or spelling mistakes, etc. Keep in mind these easy tips and recommendations regarding to writing a critical essay. Good luck with your work!

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