Writing A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive EssaysThose who studied in colleges and universities have written plenty of academic essays and other academic papers. Academic writing is a truly important and very interesting type of work that all students should get familiar with. Writing research papers, term papers, academic essays, etc. is a must even in today’s high schools. For some students it takes pretty much to produce a great academic paper, and for some student it is just a piece of pie. In anyway, there are certain types of academic papers which usually require a little more efforts, knowledge and experience compared to other ones. And, if we are talking about academic essays, writing such types of essays as an application essay or a descriptive essay is usually much harder than writing a standard 5 paragraph essay or a usual pros and cons essay. Let’s look closer at such type of essay as a descriptive essay, and see what it takes for a diligent student to write a good one.

Descriptive essays are sometimes known as narrative essays, however, most of academic writer experts would not agree to the fact that these two types of essays are actually the same. They would underline that a narrative essay is a type of academic paper which tells a story or describes a sequence of events in someone’s life, with a certain conclusion or a certain lesson that the readers should learn after reading the essay. On the other hand, a descriptive essay is written with the purpose of describing something: a person, an object, a place, or even an event that has happened in the author’s life. At that, the description should be as effective and as vivid as possible, making the reader feel like he or she could see the described thing with his or her own eyes. Undoubtedly, the only way to achieve that is using special language structures, language tools and very vivid and persuasive writing style, and this is the main difficulty linked to writing effective descriptive essays. You should put all your efforts and get focused in details on the writing style rather than on presentation.

When working on a descriptive essay, you are usually suppose to choose an object or an issue to describe. Make sure to find something that has a point or a really interesting feature so your readers would not get bored of your essay or see no reason to read it. You can describe a person that had a great influence on you, an object or a setting that had a great impression on you once upon a time in your life, or an important event. Before coming to the actual writing, sit back and think about the most important issues to mention in your essay. Use your senses and think, does it worth to write about how the thing you’re going to describe looked, how it smelled or possible tasted. Also, try to define what feelings you experience when you recall the subject you’re going to work with. Help your reader to visualize your subject the way you could see it.

After that, it is the time to focus on the writing and learn some effective tricks how to make your writing more effective. First of all, you should learn using concrete language instead of abstract one. See the difference: “He was a great guy!” – abstract language; “He was a person who could always come to help and make our days brighter!” – concrete language. Try to avoid using abstract or unclear phrases or sentences in your descriptive essay. Beside, to pick up some interesting ideas and see how other authors make descriptive essays be great, you can go through some written descriptive essays which can be found in special academic paper databases. Take some time for doing that, and you won’t regret. Do not forget to pay a proper attention to organizing your paper, start it with a small introduction paragraph and finish your essay with a traditional conclusion. Good luck in your work, dear friend!


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